December 1, 2016


4 Videos that Try to be Rihanna's 'We Found Love'


"We Found Love" has not only been dubbed Rihanna's best music video, but it might just be one of the most memorable video of the past five years. With quickly cut scenes of pupils dilating, pills floating through the air, shopping cart shenanigans, fucking in grimy bathtubs and joints sizzling, "We Found Love" symbolized the fast-lane romance that we've all craved as teens. The video captured a rebellious side that we all wished we could tap into, no matter how boring our lives were, and the recklessness and chaos of finding love in monotonous suburbia. It also came at a time when the public examined Rihanna's every move, looking for any clue as to how she forgave and moved on.

Since then, we've seen many others try out the chaotic, semi-narrative music video form, looking to emulate the same kind of imperfect, swept-up love we saw with Rihanna. Click through to see a few of them>>>

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