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4 Videos that Try to be Rihanna's 'We Found Love'

The reckless love, the hazy memories, the chaos—ever since Melina Matsoukas directed "We Found Love," its imposters have come to play

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"We Found Love" has not only been dubbed Rihanna's best music video, but it might just be one of the most memorable video of the past five years. With quickly cut scenes of pupils dilating, pills floating through the air, shopping cart shenanigans, fucking in grimy bathtubs and joints sizzling, "We Found Love" symbolized the fast-lane romance that we've all craved as teens. The video captured a rebellious side that we all wished we could tap into, no matter how boring our lives were, and the recklessness and chaos of finding love in monotonous suburbia. It also came at a time when the public examined Rihanna's every move, looking for any clue as to how she forgave and moved on.

Since then, we've seen many others try out the chaotic, semi-narrative music video form, looking to emulate the same kind of imperfect, swept-up love we saw with Rihanna. Click through to see a few of them>>>

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"Knock Me Off My Feet" - Dan Talevski

With "We Found Love"-level haziness and a collage of quick-moving clips, you're quickly spun into this menagerie of footage that looks inside an all-consuming romance. "Knock Me Off My Feet"  features kisses in the supermarket, stuffed animals in the swimming pool, cool cars and the usual quirkiness you'd see in a couple that's obsessed with each other.

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"I Knew You Were Trouble" - Taylor Swift

From the opening spoken monologue to the party scenes to the bathroom freak outs, director Declan Whitebloom encapsulates the essence of being swept up into a whirlwind and being swiftly spat back out—all with a "We Found Love" vibe.

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"Into You" - Ariana Grande

"Into You," directed by Hannah Lux Davis, liberates Ariana Grande's character from her stale celebrity life when she has an affair with her bodyguard. The two shack up in a roadside motel, doing nothing much but stare into each other's eyes, watch a goldfish, kiss and play with animal crackers. Yet, it's as sexy as ever, and, like "We Found Love,"  it makes the mundane into the coveted.

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"Bad Things" - Machine Gun Kelly feat. Camila Cabello

More recklessness here. In the Hannah Lux Davis-directed "Bad Things," MGK and Camila Cabella hijack a car, hug a lot, shotgun Monster Energy Drinks (which just seems gross to me), and, of course, fight, only to get back together in a blink. They take on a Bonnie and Clyde role as they run from police and contemplate jumping off a building together.

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