December 5, 2016


All the Biggest 'Westworld' Fan Theories Were Actually Right

John P. Johnson/HBO
John P. Johnson/HBO

Westworld's Season 1 finale went down last night, and in its 91-minute glory, much was revealed. (Even more was teased for Season 2, which is a go.) Unlike Lost or Game of Thrones or True Detective, the most popular fan theories were all proven correct, some of them well in advance.

What was especially weird about this was that, for non-crazed, Reddit-averse viewers, Westworld theories were much easier to avoid than those related to the other aforementioned shows. But there always seemed to be that one person at the Sunday night viewing party or the Monday morning email chain who would push one or two of the biggest potential explanations and twist predictions to the surface. And they were so right!

WARNING: Spoilers follow.



What we now know about Westworld (some of which we did gather before the finale) is: the Maze was not a physical space but a metaphor, secretive big baddie Wyatt was a codename for Dolores, and we were watching two timelines all along, which showed that, yes, William grew up to become the Man in Black. We also found out that Bernard was a Host—and he's essentially Robert Ford's Westworld co-founder, Arnold, reincarnated.

And yup, as The Dark Tower's Jake Chambers says, "there are other worlds than these." Like...Samurai World!

Or Shogun World, maybe. We'll see. We're taking Felix at his word: "It's complicated."

The Michael Crichton–written 1973 Westworld movie featured Roman World and Medieval World. Its sequel, '76's Futureworld, featured the titular park as well as Spa World (?!).

Upon the series' renewal in mid-November, HBO programming president Casey Bloys said Westworld probably won't return until 2018 "because of how big the world is and what goes into shooting it." He added that showrunners/creators Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan are making something "as exciting, mysterious and as fun as Season 1. And completely original, as well."

Hear the Back of the Class podcast talk about Westworld at the 39:30 mark in the episode below: