January 12, 2017


The 31 Most Anticipated TV Premieres of 2017

#1'A Series of Unfortunate Events' (Jan. 13)

List is chronological.

First, some facts: No project has ever deserved a reboot more than A Series of Unfortunate Events. The novels are filled with twists, turns, nuance—a word which here means "much too subtle for the big screen"—clues and an ongoing storyline that lasts a full 13 books. It was never meant to be a movie, and it's best we all forget the monstrosity that was Jim Carrey's 2004 adaptation. 

Netflix's upcoming series consists of eight episodes to start, covering only the first four books. The marketing for Unfortunate Events has been phenomenal, and early reviews are raving. The scripts are written by author Daniel Handler* (Lemony Snicket himself) and, from what we've seen so far, carry much of the delightfully dreary and cleverly convoluted feeling of the original source material. 

Casting has already been announced for future books, so we know we're getting more than one season. In a time when we need hope more than ever, our TV screens are ripe for a series that finds a way to make dread uplifting and darkness endearing. That's A Series of Unfortunate Events. –Sarah Maloy

*If you're here to tell me that Daniel Handler wrote the movie too, congratulations. You're as wrong as Mr. Poe was when he thought the Baudelaires would be safe at Lucky Smells Lumbermill. Handler wrote several drafts of the movie, yes, but he was eventually replaced for the final screenplay.