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Childhood Ruined

20 Dirtiest Lyrics From Your Fave '90s & '00s Boy Bands, Ranked

Reminisce on the glory days when *NSYNC lusted over cybersex and 112 had a craving for peaches & cream

20 / 20

98 Degrees, "Give Me Just One Night (Una Noche)" (2000)

"Your eyes of passion make me crazy
Your existence makes me wild
I wanna loosen up your feelings
See what's hiding inside"

The breakdown: 98 Degrees was the tamer boy band to come out of the '90s. But as they got older, they added just a little lustiness to their music. It's pretty clear Nick Lachey wanted to loosen something other than feelings up...

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Backstreet Boys, “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)" (1997)

"Am I original? Yeah
Am I the only one? Yeah
Am I sexual? Yeah
Am I everything you need?
You better rock your body now"

The breakdown: The Backstreet Boys' Nick Carter was only 15 or 16 years old when this song came out! There is no reason for him to be singing how sexual he's feeling!

18 / 20

B2K, "Uh Huh" (2001)

"I know that you wantin' this (uh huh) 
Tell me can you handle it (uh huh) 
Show me how you work dem hips (uh huh) 
And maybe you can roll with it (uh huh)"

The breakdown: Speaking of teens, the guys of B2K were way too young to know how hips are supposed to work. Go read a book or something!

17 / 20

O-Town, "Liquid Dreams" (2001)

"Now this hot girl, she's not your average girl
She's a morpharotic dream from a magazine
And she's so fine designed to blow your mind
She's a dominatrix supermodel beauty queen"

The breakdown: You'd think a song all about wet fantasies would have naughtier lyrics, but O-Town kept it a bit clean on the verses.

16 / 20

Backstreet Boys, “We’ve Got it Goin’ On” (1997)

"Well I'm creepin' up on your left
Straight up funky when I get with you
Keep it ruthless when I get wet
Keep the party packed in my corner"

The breakdown: Umm, just what kind of wetness are we talking about here, Mr. AJ McLean? It's definitely NOT sweat!

15 / 20

O-Town, “Sexiest Woman Alive” (2001)

"When I see ya 
I can't believe ya 
Did ya slip on heaven's floor
A fallen angel
I've been around the world
But I've never seen a girl
Who makes my nature rise the way that you do"

The breakdown: This has to be the corniest way to tell a girl that you like her. Try harder next time (no pun intended).

14 / 20

*NSYNC, “Up Against The Wall” (2001)

"She took my hand
We never said a word at all
She starting grinding
Shorty had me up against the wall"

The breakdown: So JC Chasez was getting down with this random girl in the middle of the club where everyone could see them grinding? My word!

13 / 20

*NSYNC, “I Just Wanna Be With You” (1997)

"I wanna drown in your love
Lead me to your water
Let it flow, (let it flow)
Just let it flow, baby"

The breakdown*NSYNC thought they were slick with this lyric about H2O, but we all know what they're really trying to get wet...

12 / 20

B2K, "Tease" (2002)

"(You be) always sitting on my lap
(And uh) girl you can't be doing that"

The breakdown: Along with Romeo's guest rap that claims his nuts are better than Planters, this song has way too many sexual references that go beyond just a tease!

11 / 20

Backstreet Boys, “Larger Than Life” (1999)

"Looking at the crowd
And I see your body sway, c'mon
Wishin' I could thank you in a different way, c'mon"

The breakdown: And what kind of way is that exactly, Brian Littrell? Why are you so naughty!

10 / 20

*NSYNC, "See Right Through You" (2001)

"Tell me girl what's his name
What he do to take you
Does he freak you the way
That I do
'Cause you know that
I know how to"

The breakdown: Look, JC Chasez, no one was questioning how well you put it down in the privacy of your bedroom. But thanks for putting the explicit image in our brains.

9 / 20

B2K, "Hey Little Lady” (2002)

"So sexy wit yo g-string on
All I wanna know is can we get our freak on? 
Hit me on the celly when yo
Mom's ain't home. Me, you, boyfriend, girlfriend it's on"

The breakdown: Again, WHO taught these boys what g-strings are?! And trying to get your freak on when your mom is out probably shopping for groceries? B2K should've gotten grounded big time.

8 / 20

B2K, "Bump, Bump, Bump” (2002)

"I love the way you’re teasing me
You gonna have to stop pleasing me (stop teasing me, I want you)
While we're on this floor"

The breakdown: I'm blaming Diddy for this freakiness, who was all up on this song talking about "make me wanna stand like a pool stick." Also, take note this is the second time B2K can't control themselves while dancing with a girl. Get it together!

7 / 20

Five, "When the Lights Go Out" (1998)

"It's a blackout girl, the lights are off
I can feel you getting closer, now take your clothes off
Your body looks so soft in between the sheets
I'll lay you down girl, I wanna knock your socks off
Knock your block off, girl I'm down for whatever"

The breakdown: The popular U.K. boy band had zero issues with painting a very clear picture of how they like to get down in the bedroom. I'm actually impressed!

6 / 20

Dru Hill, "How Deep Is Your Love" (1998)

"And baby you know that he can't go down like me 
And you know the n-gga can't freak like me 
So mami tell me one little thing 
How deep is your love for me"

The breakdown: Well someone is in their feelings, aren't they? She's moved on Sisqo, so it's time to find another girl to get freak nasty with.

5 / 20

*NSYNC, “Digital Get Down” (2000)

"I get so excited when I'm watching girl
I can't wait to see you touch your body girl
It's just me and you
So we can do what we gotta do (yeah)"

The breakdown: THIS. ENTIRE. SONG. is about having cybersex with a webcam, something my 10-year-old self should NOT have been listening to! How did my parents allow me to be subjected to such nastiness?!

4 / 20

112, "Peaches & Cream" (2001)

"Wanna freak, wanna ride with you
Wanna taste, wanna put my lips all over you
Can't get enough of you"

The breakdown: In case you weren't aware, the members of 112 were not discussing the vitamin-filled greatness of the luscious fruit. But comparing our lady parts to a sweet peach is a nice compliment, I guess?

3 / 20

Next, "Too Close" (1997)

"Step back you're dancing kinda close
I feel a little poke coming through
On you
Now girl I know you felt it
But boo, you know I can't help it
You know what I wanna do"

The breakdown: The song that we all jammed to as naive youth is all about a guy unable to control his hard-on while dancing with a girl at the club. It's the ultimate childhood ruiner!

2 / 20

112, "Anywhere" (1998)

"Can you hear? 
She's calling me 
Between your legs
Loud and clear 
I wanna talk back to her 
Make love to her 
I wanna hear you scream my name"

The breakdown: 112 sure love to talk about a woman's private part, and they kept things classy by giving it a pronoun in "Anywhere."

1 / 20

112, "U Already Know" (2005)

"Papa coming home to give you that raw
Your favorite position, from the back door
Girl you know the drill don't ask no questions...
You already know"

The breakdown: Now this one speaks for itself. Don't let the edited video fool you, because "U Already Know" is one of 112's dirtiest songs. They even ask their girlfriend if her friend Janae is home so they can have a threesome. It doesn't get any freakier than that folks!

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