January 31, 2017


Watch Final 'Beauty and the Beast' Trailer & Stream Ariana Grande & John Legend's Duet

Update (2/3): Ariana Grande and John Legend's full cover of the Beauty and the Beast theme song has arrived, courtesy of Disney. Stream it up top, and scroll down for the final trailer.

Original story: Disney has released their final trailer for Beauty and the Beast, below, which features Ariana Grande and John Legend's cover of the iconic title track. The award-winning original was performed by Céline Dion and Peabo Bryson for the 1991 animated film. The new duet maintains the tender romance we all remember, but adds majestic orchestration to match the action-filled trailer.

The latest clip opens with a young Belle (played by Emma Watson) enjoying her books. “My dear Belle, you are so ahead of your time. This is a small village. And it’s small-minded as well. But small also means safe," her father Maurice (Kevin Kline) exclaims.

Belle soon finds herself in the Beast's castle where she meets the talking furniture...you know the story. And of course, the trailer ends with the two embracing each other in the classic waltz scene. The movie also stars Dan Stevens as the Beast, Luke Evans (Gaston), Josh Gad (Le Fou), Ewan McGregor (Lumière), Stanley Tucci (Cadenza), Ian McKellen (Cogsworth) and Emma Thompson (Mrs. Potts).

Beauty and the Beast dances into theaters on March 17. Next up, listen to this Besterday podcast episode where we explain the creepiness of the original animated film for its 25th anniversary: