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20 Incredible Songs You Forgot From 2007

From pop-punk classics to the pop gems that never totally took over radio, these are the tunes your library can't afford to forget from 2007

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Enur & Natasja, "Calabria 2007"

One of the most unexpected smashes, this reggae-fusion house track became a ubiquitous beat throughout 2007. A year later, "This Is Why I'm Hot" rapper Mims would get added for a remix, but we think it was perfect with Enur and Danish singer Natasja, who tragically passed away in a car accident just as this song was starting to get huge. –Jeff Benjamin

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Feist, “1234”

2007 was the year that we learned about indie tunes through massive ad campaigns! Feist's "1234" was a product of a major TV commercial backing, specifically for an iPod nano commercial. The success of the sparkling pop ditty helped Feist earn four GRAMMY nominations, including Best New Artist.—Bianca Gracie

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Ludacris & Mary J. Blige, “Runaway Love”

Up until this point, Ludacris was known for making comical hip-hop tunes, but for “Runaway Love” the ATL rapper decided to make a refreshingly deeper turn. Luda details the troubled lives of three young girls who are struggling with domestic abuse, drug-addicted parents and teen pregnancy. Mary J. Blige is featured on the hook and her emotional vocals make the song all the more powerful.—Bianca Gracie

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Aly & AJ, “Potential Breakup Song”

Thanks to Aly & AJ, teen girls around America had the perfect kiss-off anthem to blast in their bedrooms as inspiration to dump their no-good boyfriends. "Potential Breakup Song" is a wild, electronic rock/pop fusion that shows off the sister's sassy personalities. It's no wonder the tune became their most successful single to date! Now if only they can reunite for a new album in 2017...—Bianca Gracie

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Hurricane Chris, “A Bay Bay”

The mid-'00s were all about southern-rap one-hit wonders, and Hurricane Chris' debut single "A Bay Bay" was one of the standouts of that era. Its catchy production and hook helped the tune peak at No. 7 on the Billboard Hot 100. Not too shabby for the Lousiana native, who was only 17 at the time. —Bianca Gracie

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Joss Stone, "Baby Baby Baby"

Joss Stone's Introducing album was a delicious offering of feel-good, soul-pop and while all of its singles were worthy of smashing, "Baby Baby Baby" was a simple-yet-addictive blend of syrupy vocals and old-school hip-hop samples. –Jeff Benjamin

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Baby Bash, “Cyclone”

Here's another southern hip-hop jam that ruled all the basement parties in 2007! Baby Bash teamed up with T-Pain for "Cyclone," which was a classy ode to a ladies' big bumper. Thanks to the dizzying production by Lil Jon, this super crunk club jam popped, locked and dropped it to the Top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100.—Bianca Gracie

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Kelly Clarkson, "Sober"

Kelly Clarkson's My December album was infamously shrouded in label and management issues, which is a shame since its some of the best material from Clarkson's discography. That included the ill-fated second single that's as gorgeous as it is haunting. The world deserved this, darn you Clive Davis! –Jeff Benjamin

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Kat DeLuna, “Whine Up”

Kat DeLuna made a scorching debut in the summer of 2007 with her first single, “Whine Up.” The dancehall/reggaeton/hip-hop fusion track reflected her Dominican roots and introduced a mainstream radio audiences to a sound they haven’t heard before. Her feisty attitude combined with the thumping beat made every girl want to shake their booties to “Whine Up" all night!—Bianca Gracie

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Ingrid Michaelson, “The Way I Am”

You’re probably thinking to yourself: “Where the eff have I heard this song before?!” Well, probably everywhere! Ingrid Michelson’s charming folk tune “The Way I Am” was used in Old Navy ad campaigns, Bose product demonstrations, Target promos, your dentist’s office…It’s a wonder the song only peaked at #37 on the Hot 100. —Bianca Gracie

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Fabolous feat. Ne-Yo, “Make Me Better”

Timbaland was all about the strings in in the mid-‘00s, and “Make Me Better” was one of the best songs to come out of that production era. Fabolous’ rugged lyrics of affection for his lady is admirable, and Ne-Yo’s smooth feature ties the ride or die anthem together. It was sort of like the male version of Beyoncé’s “Upgrade U.” —Bianca Gracie

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Katharine McPhee, “Over It”

After being the runner-up in American Idol's fifth season, Katharine McPhee showed why she should've taken the crown with her eponymous debut album. It leads with "Over It," which is a perfectly arranged pop song with a similar tone to JoJo's "Too Little Too Late" (both songs have the same writers), and finds McPhee confidently singing about moving on from a boy who didn't deserve her. And like with many tunes in '07, "Over It" was featured in an episode of The Hills.—Bianca Gracie

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Brick & Lace, "Love Is Wicked"

Brick & Lace were a Jamaican reggae-fusion sister duo that looked poised to make it big when Akon signed them to his Kon Live label and they put out the dancehall-inspired jam "Love Is Wicked." It was a hit in Europe, though it failed to get any traction in America, but still has an incredible flow 10 years later. –Jeff Benjamin

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The Bravery, “Believe”

The Bravery already had a debut album under their belt before 2007, but it was "Believe" (the second single from their sophomore LP The Sun and the Moon) that helped push the indie-rock band into the mainstream thanks to a certain teen drama. Yes, like with many acts, Gossip Girl became a platform for artists to get their music out into the world. Oh, you probably heard it in Pontiac car commercials too. It was just that damn catchy. —Bianca Gracie

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Timbaland, Keri Hilson & Nicole Scherzinger, "Scream"

Timbaland's roll of solo hits came to a strange screech with this sultry collaboration. "Scream" brought two rising pop voices—Keri Hilson and lead Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger—to harmonize and coo over a Western-inspired guitar chords, but it failed to take over like Tim's past hits had. –Jeff Benjamin

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Vega4, "Life Is Beautiful"

While the British rock outfit's soothing hit never sent them to the charts, you probably remember hearing this song in basically every TV show. "Life Is Beautiful" was featured in...take a deep breath...Grey's Anatomy, One Tree Hill, Ghost Whisperer, Pushing Daisies, and Raising the Bar, all which had substantial audiences in '07. –Jeff Benjamin

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Spoon, "The Underdog"

Austin hometown heroes Spoon were just coming into their own in 2007, owning the festival circuit with July album Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga and this exuberant lead single. It was a minor hit on alt-rock radio, but deserved to be every underdog's anthem. –Jeff Benjamin

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M.I.A, "Jimmy"

Released four months before her career-defining "Paper Planes," M.I.A. was looking to break the mainstream with this brilliant Bollywood-disco cut. "Jimmy" reinterpreted the song "Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy Aaja" from 1982 Hindi film Disco Dancer and told the story of dating a journalist covering genocides in Africa. Dark stuff all done over shimmering synths a.k.a. what made M.I.A. so brilliant. –Jeff Benjamin

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Hilary Duff, “Stranger”

Hilary Duff released one of the best pop albums of 2007 and while it was unfortunately overshadowed by bigger names of that year, Dignity features a handful of gems that were ahead of their time. The biggest standout is "Stranger," which elevated Duff from bubblegum pop artist to a musical seductress. The hypnotic track and its infusion of Middle Eastern instruments will charm you like a snake on the dance floor. —Bianca Gracie

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Graham Colton, "Best Days"

Despite a classic singer-songwriter style and country-boy good looks, Graham Colton never made it big, but no doubt "Best Days" soundtracked a whole lot of graduation montages in 2007. –Jeff Benjamin

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