January 5, 2017


Big Freedia's TV Ad For a New Orleans Lawyer is the Best Thing We've Seen in 2017

If you've ever watched daytime TV, you've seen those low-budget commercials for local law firms. They usually range from boring and forgettable to ominous and creepy. Who knew the key to a life-changing, unforgettable TV spot was Big Freedia? Juan LaFonta, that's who.

Lucky for us, the New Orleans personal injury lawyer had the genius idea of nabbing his fellow NOLA neighbor, also known as our very own Queen of Bounce, to "bounce up" his ad.

Just try getting Freedia's "Juan LaFonta! Juan LaFonta! Juan LaFonta!" chant out of your brain after watching the commercial (above). Better yet, someone count how many times Freedia says the lawyer's name over the course of the 60-second spot and let us know. We'll be here playing it on repeat and shaking our asses.

Can't get enough Big Freedia? Below, watch her hit up the Hollywood premiere of Office Christmas Party and chop it up with fellow celebs on the red carpet: