January 23, 2017


'Britney Ever After' Trailer: Britney Spears Biopic Promises Head-Shaving

In mere weeks, Lifetime's Britney Spears biopic will have everyone assuming their best watching-TV-through-the-fingers-protectively-covering-my-face stance. Today, Britney Ever After has its first trailer, above. Can it convince you to watch like a regular, not deeply hesitant person?

"I'm not gonna say I was fine, 'cause I wasn't," narrates Natasha Bassett's Brit at the start. You quickly get glimpses of the electric razor, the shaved head, (one of) the wedding(s) and nervous nail-chewing set to the words "until you hit rock bottom."

Britney Ever After comes from director Leslie Libman and writer Anne-Marie Hess and premieres Feb. 18 on Lifetime. Get a look at the biopic's version of *NSYNC right here. 

Below, watch a Fuse interview with another act that's been biopic'd, TLC: