January 5, 2017


Chance the Rapper Ranked Kanye West's Albums; 'TLOP' Didn't Do Well

Paul Natkin/Getty Images
Paul Natkin/Getty Images

With zero further ado, we give you Kanye West expert/collaborator/protege-and-muse Chance the Rapper's ranking of Kanye West albums:

The impetus? Complex magazine's own ranking, published Wednesday, which downplayed The Old Kanye. (Theirs: 1) Dark Twisted Fantasy, 2) Graduation, 3) Watch the Throne, 4) Yeezus, 5) The College Dropout, 6) The Life of Pablo, 7) 808s & Heartbreak, 8) Late Registration, 9) Cruel Summer.)

We won't enter the fray at this juncture*.

Interesting (but totally understandable) placement for The Life of Pablo on Chance's list. The 23-year-old's spot on "Ultralight Beam" is the first rap verse on the 2016 album, which he avidly supported (and performed his verse from) all year. Also, as it took me till yesterday to realize, he has one of the only rap verses, period, alongside Desiigner and Kendrick Lamar.

Now Chance is on his way to the White House to say bye to Obama:

Revisit Fuse's 2016 Breakout Week spotlight on Chance the Rapper, including his history of social action and leadership and a career-spanning playlist (that he certified as "perfect", #humblebrag).Then watch an old-school Fuse chat with Chance the Younger Rapper:

1) My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
2) Late Registration
3) The College Dropout
4) Watch the Throne
5) The Life of Pablo
6) 808s & Heartbreak
7) Graduation
8) Yeezus (which is good, though)