January 3, 2017


Soulja Boy Threatens to 'Beat the F--k' Out of Chris Brown

Getty Images
Getty Images

Soulja Boy and Chris Brown are having a hard time presently. First the Atlanta rapper/producer said the R&B singer called him for the pettiest purpose possible:

Then he went nuclear:

That first Instagram video features lines like, "When I see you I’m gon’ beat the fuck out you n---a. You think you hard 'cause you hit Rihanna, n---a, ’cause you beat Rihanna up, n---a?"

Chris Brown responded with an invitation to box, saying he'll give Soulja Boy three rounds:

"I don't talk shit," Brown said. "This shit is beneath me. I wanna bring black people together, but you gotta get your ass whooped, my n---a."

Soulja Boy accepted; Breezy said the fight will be a charity fundraiser. There's lots more on each guy's Instagram, but this is where we leave you. For a palate cleanser, watch a 16-year-old Chris Brown tell Fuse about handling his new fame: