January 30, 2017


Dave Grohl Listens to the First Song He Ever Wrote & Recorded, 1990's 'Gods Look Down'

Foo Fighters' Sonic Highways HBO docuseries was great; so is this new outtake. Thanks to the Laundry Room, the studio of veteran Foos producer Barrett Jones, we can now see frontman Dave Grohl listening back to an original 1990 tape of "Gods Look Down," the first song the Nirvana drummer ever wrote and recorded solo. A rendition appeared on the 1993 Scream album Fumble.

Don't miss Grohl's face around the 50-second mark, when the vocals kick in. “I sound like a girl,” he says. “I don’t think my balls had dropped yet.”

“This is a different version than the Scream one,” the Laundry Room tells a commenter on YouTube. “He was in Scream at the time but this was the first song he ever recorded on his own playing all the instruments.” 

Grohl once told Rolling Stone the visit to the Laundry Room was a doozy. "It’s almost like seeing a snapshot of yourself, passed-out drunk at a party. You’re listening to a song like, ‘Oh, my God, what was I thinking?'”

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