January 13, 2017


'Deadpool' Guns for an Oscar, Drops 'For Your Consideration' Video

Defying historical odds stacked against superhero/comic book movies, Deadpool was in the running at Sunday's Golden Globes for Best Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy and for Best Actor in a Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy. (Both shots were lost, respectively, to La La Land, starring Our Other Very Handsome Ryan, and to the aforementioned Ryan, Mr. Gosling.)

So why not try for an Oscar too?

Yeah, up top is Deadpool's official For Your Consideration video for the Academy Awards, touting such accomplishments as "seven magical unicorns," "42 rejection letters from Fox," "four pairs of assless chaps" and "117 script pages," all with stately backing music.

Think it's getting the Best Picture nom? Other categories? All the categories?

Next, watch Deadpool's Stefan Kapicic describe voicing Colossus: