January 11, 2017


Gabriel Iglesias Calls Out Batman on 'James Corden': Watch

When it comes to nailing an impersonation, stand-up star Gabriel "Fluffy" Iglesias is as perfect as they come. The comedian appeared on The Late Late Show with James Corden last night for a quick routine on superheroes.

Arguing that Batman is actually the creepiest of them all, Iglesias delivered a hilarious, spot-on impression of the beloved character.

"He only comes out at night. His face is always covered up. He's always waiting in dark-ass alleys. And who does he talk to? A guy named Joker, a guy named Riddler...Those are Mexican gang member names."

Be on the lookout for Iglesias' return to Fuse this summer on Fluffy's Food Adventures (working title, formerly Fluffy Breaks Even), as he and his boys devour even more mouthwatering eats across the country.

Next, find out some of Fluffy's "second favorites" that didn't quite make the cut for that top spot: