January 25, 2017


'1984' Tops Amazon Bestseller List After Trump Team's 'Alternative Facts' Quote

aaron tam/AFP/Getty Images
aaron tam/AFP/Getty Images

America entered a political dystopia when Donald Trump became the country's 45th president, and people are interestingly finding solace/guidance/caution in...George Orwell's 1984? Yes, the classic novel that we all read for high school book reports has now topped Amazon's bestsellers list presumably due to the new presidential administration.

The unexpected surge is believed to be tied to Trump counselor Kellyanne Conway saying White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer used "alternative facts" to explain last week's small inauguration crowd. The phrase soon went viral on social media. Orwell's novel was first published in 1949 and explores a future totalitarian state where Big Brother has total control over freedom of speech and human rights.

The world of 1984 is known for the Ministry of Truth, where higher authorities spread propaganda, conduct constant surveillance on their citizens and create their own truth with the language of Newspeak. Sound familiar? The demand for 1984 has become so high that publisher Penguin has ordered a 75,000-book reprint, CNN reports.

"That is a substantial reprint and larger than our typical reprint for 1984," a Penguin spokesman said of the unusual surge, as the book is usually in demand for students. Whether its due to "alternative facts" or simply curiosity, at least more people are reading. 

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