January 13, 2017


Canceled 'Girl Meets World' May Get Picked Up by Another Channel

Bob D'Amico/DISNEY CHANNEL via Getty Images
Bob D'Amico/DISNEY CHANNEL via Getty Images

2016 ended with a few final insults, one of which was the news that Girl Meets World, in a society where Fuller House will live forever, would conclude on Jan. 20. "I will continue to fight to not be talked down to by the shows and books and movies that are aimed toward us," said 15-year-old star Rowan Blanchard in a lengthy, poignant note. "I am sorry that this channel is just not able to understand that."

Other channels—most likely streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime—might still be down, though! “There are talks underway, but we’re at the very very beginning stages,” creator Michael Jacobs (also of Boy Meets Worldtells TVLine. He goes on:

“And I can tell you it’s because of the audience’s reaction to the cancellation that there is interest in other places. For anyone in show business, if you ask them why they’re doing something and they say they’re doing it for themselves, they won’t sustain long. Those that answer ‘We’re doing it for the audience’ and mean it, they sustain.”

Jacobs told The Wrap he disagrees with the cancelation, and that he signed on to do four seasons with Disney Channel. "That’s the way we set it up. It was going to be a remarkable final year. But I understand, things end.”

Jacobs thinks if Girl Meets World is picked up somewhere else, it'll happen within a couple months, and he feels confident his full cast will be on board. He and the team will also no longer treat Season 4 as the final arc.

Girl Meets World's possible series finale, “Girl Meets Goodbye," will air on Jan. 20 and doubles as a massive Boy Meets World cast reunion. Next, watch Rider Strong describe why the original show's legacy endures: