January 19, 2017


Final 'Logan' Trailer: Wolverine Busts X-23 Reading 'X-Men' Comics

This is the last day we'll be able to say "watch the new Logan trailer," as this is the final trailer for Hugh Jackman's last movie as the clawed wonder. Fortunately it does a great job hyping us up about his likely successor, the young X-23, who slashes some serious face with her dual-clawed knuckles.

Best moment, though? When Logan holds up a genuine, old-fashioned X-Men comic, showing Patrick Stewart's severely aged Professor Xavier that their young companion is a fan of the fictionalized lore. #meta

Back in December, we learned that Hugh Jackman cut his paycheck to make sure Logan got an R rating. Deadpool's maverick choice to market a superhero adaptation as an R-rated joint netted it $783 million globally in 2016.

Watch the previous Logan trailer here, and see the stars of X-Men: Apocalypse tell Fuse their favorite mutant powers below: