January 4, 2017


Metallica's 'Atlas, Rise!' Reworked Using Only James Hetfield's Laugh

Know what band's super memeable but rarely gets memed? Metallica. Finally somebody (the punnily named YouTube user Lars Von Retriever) stepped up and did something about it. Above, watch as Metallica's Hardwired...To Self-Destruct single "Atlas, Rise!" gets set to James Hetfield's jovial laugh. It's...shockingly well done.

A little digging reveals that this isn't Lars Von Retriever's first endeavor in LOLtallica, as he previously shared "St. Laughter" and "Master of Laughter":

Also: a Slipknot edition (and puppies singing "Chandelier" and "Smells Like Teen Spirit"):

Some of the fun Metallica's had since dropping their first album in eight years has included destroying a superfan at 'Tallica trivia and tearing through a grocery store belting out "Enter Sandman."

Go back in time with this throwback interview in the Fuse studios: