January 5, 2017


My Chemical Romance's Frank Iero on Tour Van Accident: 'It's Incredible We’re All Still Alive'

Justin Boruckio for Vagrant Records
Justin Boruckio for Vagrant Records

Frank Iero is reflecting on the terrifying tour van accident that he and Frank Iero and the Patience bandmates, manager Paul Clegg and publicist were involved in last fall. Speaking to MTV News, the former My Chemical Romance guitarist says every moment of the incident is now engraved in his memory.

“I ended up underneath the bumper of this massive vehicle,” Iero explains while comparing the accident to a painful childhood event. “From my vantage point, I could only see Evan, and I could hear Paul. I thought whoever I couldn’t see or hear had to be dead, and if they weren’t dead yet, then we all would be soon.”

The accident occurred on Oct. 13 in Sydney, Australia. The band was heading to a Twitter Q&A before a bus crashed into the back of their van. They were planning to perform at the Metro Theatre that night, but the concert was later cancelled. Iero says they are working on a new tour this year.

The artist recalls "an enormous rucksack" he was wearing and the open trunk door helped to break the impact of the incoming bus and saved the band's lives. "It’s incredible to me that we’re all still alive. No one that witnessed the accident thought that we would be," Iero tells MTV.

He continues to explain he believes everything happens for a reason. “In time I will feel more grounded. For now, I’m existing. That’s something, in that moment, that I didn’t know I would be doing.”

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