January 6, 2017


Netflix's 'Frontier' Trailer: Khal Drogo Prowls the Canadian Wilderness of Yore

Jason Momoa, the Khal Drogo of old and Aquaman of the future, is coming to Netflix. The six-episode Frontier, a show that previously aired on Canadian Discovery, will premiere on the streaming service on Jan. 20. Today's trailer shows us there's more than enough overlap with the Game of Thrones aesthetic to make this fun for both fake–medieval history fans and historical fiction–heads. Maybe.

In the 18th century Canadian wilds, the world of Momoa's Declan Harp involves plenty of flowing male locks, tents, furs, beards, blades, leather, snow and portentous speak. Harp is a fur trade–disruptor of Irish and Native American ancestry; Netflix describes his tale as one of “thrilling action-filled drama revolving around warring factions vying for control of the fur trade in a ruthless game of wealth and power.”

The Frontier trailer, if we're keeping things 1700, is verily cheesy. But it's only a minute, and Jason Momoa rules, and is going to star in The Crow. So we'll see. If it's a bust, Netflix also has on deck a new adaptation of Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events, Marvel's Iron Fist and the Drew Barrymore–starring Santa Clarita Diet.

If the Thrones–iness of all this drew you in in the first place, perhaps you'd like to listen back to the Back of the Class podcast breaking down the GoT Season 6 finale: