January 19, 2017


New 'Power Rangers' Trailer: See Bryan Cranston & Elizabeth Banks in Action

"No one man should have all that power," goes the Kanye West song that soundtracks the new Power Rangers trailer, which, fortunately for Yeezy and the fate of mankind, divvies the power up between five co-ed teens.

The first full-on look at the origin story lets us know that the kids didn't know each other prior to their adventures, they're screw-ups, they found magical coins and they glow and gain powers. There's a silly little bit about the winking choice of Black Ranger here.

You'll also catch glimpses of Bryan Cranston as Zordon, tapping into the more confident side of his high school chemistry teacher experience, and Elizabeth Banks as the cartoonishly evil (itself a synonym for "Power Rangers") Rita Repulsa.

All analysis aside, the last 30 seconds are admittedly gonna suck in some O.G. Mighty Morphin'–heads.

Power Rangers hits theaters March 24, 2017; it's directed by Dean Israelite (Project Almanac) and has a screenplay from writer/actor John Gatins, who penned the Oscar-nominated Denzel Washington movie Flight, as well as the very-not-Oscar-nominated Need for Speed and Real Steel. (Elitist jk: Real Steel actually got a 2012 nod for Best Achievement in Visual Effects.)

Next, watch all five Rangers discuss the evolution of the '90s hit show and the difficulty of using stunt doubles on set.