January 31, 2017


Watch the Opening Scene of 'Rings,' Pee Your Pants

Rings, the next movie in the saga that came to America in 2002 with The Ring, is coming to theaters this Friday after 15 months of troubling delays. As a show of good faith/get-those-butts-in-theater-seats savvy, the movie has released its first three minutes online, as premiered at The Independent.

And Samara crashes a fucking plane.

Inspired to chat with a stranger once some turbulence hits their flight, the guy in the clip tells his seat mate that he watched a weird video, got the infamous call that he'll be dead in seven days, and is now on this flight, exactly one week later. Before you can say "did a horse really jump off a ferry in The Ring 2?," Samara's grainy well shows up on all the airplane's screens, from the cockpit to the back of the headrests. The beginning of the end swiftly commences for these poor travelers whose death warrants this buffoon signed.

Rings circles into theaters on Feb. 3. It follows the 2005 Hollywood sequel to the adaptation of Japan's Ringu, which premiered in 1998

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