January 25, 2017


Hit 'Sailor Moon Crystal' Anime Sequel Coming Soon

Viz Media
Viz Media

It's a great day to be a fan of Sailor Moon and all her galaxy guardians. 

Sailor Moon's official website revealed that a sequel is in the works for Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon CrystalAnime News Network reports. The Crystal series has been a hit with anime fans and luckily there's lots more coming. Details are still to come for the upcoming season, but it will likely be streaming on Crunchyroll, Niconico and Hulu, like its first season did.

In other exciting news for Sailor Moon—which just celebrated its 25th anniversary last year—there was announcement that the original 1990s Sailor Moon television anime will be given its first Blu-ray Disc release in Japan so it shouldn't be long until you can import it over or check your local anime store. Meanwhile, Viz Media has just announced additional screenings of the Sailor Moon R movie in America which means you still have a chance to check out our favorite galaxy warriors on the big screen.

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