January 25, 2017


Slayer Burns 'Snowflake' Fans Over Donald Trump Photo Reaction

Scott Legato/Getty Images
Scott Legato/Getty Images

Back in July, Slayer guitarist Kerry King reassured the metal world that he wasn't down with Donald Trump, saying "Hillary Clinton is the safe, correct choice" and that the event election-winner is "just a sideshow" and "the biggest liar I've ever seen in politic."

So for anyone who caught that—and the fact that Trump's inauguration speech invoked "American carnage," also the name of a 2010 Slayer/Megadeth/Testament tour—may have guessed that the band's Instagram post the other day was good-humored. But the photo of the band sitting with Donald Trump throwing up the metal horns was...not well received (or, probably, real). "I never would have guessed that there where [sic] so many snowflakes commenting their distaste for the new president," frontman Tom Araya wrote in a follow-up. "Like him or not he is the president."

Here's the complete post, which was re-shared to the band's 677,000 IG followers after someone on the team (Araya is openly asking who) deleted the original. This one's gotten 27,100 likes in 17 hours:

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