January 23, 2017


Stone Sour to Release New Album 'Hydrograd'

Travis Shinn
Travis Shinn

Four years after their last release, Stone Sour are preparing new material which, according to frontman Corey Taylor (also of Slipknot, of course), is "the best stuff [Stone Sour] has ever written."

Speaking to Rock Cellar magazine, Taylor shared that the band's upcoming album is titled Hydrograd and gave some insight to why fans should be super pumped. "We are doing everything old school," he shared. "We're recording it live and then layering stuff on top of it...it is incredible; it's the best stuff we've ever written."

The singer added that the band is "halfway done" with the album, recording about a song a day with nine new songs so far.

No word on when we'll actually hear the album (yet), but Blabbermouth reports that a summer date is expected. Next up, take it back to a Fuse exclusive where we went on tour with Corey Taylor and Stone Sour: