January 6, 2017


Watch Suicide Silence's New 360-Degree Video 'Doris'

Suicide Silence will be back on Feb. 24 with their self-titled album, their fifth overall and the follow-up to July 2014's You Can't Stop Me. The California deathcore five-piece are stoking the blastbeat-fueled fire today with the video for "Doris," premiering at Blabbermouth

"Doris" follows the recent trend of VR-friendly 360-videos—but with a twist. Rather than being placed in a single scene where you can take a look around, you're in more of a circular room surrounded by a few different concurrent Suicide Silence scenes.

Ah, just try it. It's gnarly.

Suicide Silence was produced by Ross Robinson, whose hallowed work includes records by Korn and Slipknot. In December, guitarist Mark Heylmun told Revolver (via Blabbermouth) that "it's going to completely change everything you probably ever will think, and have thought, or ever will fucking feel about Suicide Silence." To which vocalist Eddie Hermida added:

"The best way I've described it is, take a bullet train—one of those Japanese bullet trains—that goes, like, three hundred miles an hour, and then turn the steering wheel as fast you can, and there we are."

Next, watch Gus G.—guitarist for Firewind, Nightrage and Ozzy Osbourne—and Suicide Silence's Mark Heylmun shred it out: