PALM SPRINGS, CA - JANUARY 02:  Actor Tom Hanks poses with the Icon Award during the 28th Annual Palm Springs International F
Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Palm Springs International Film Festival

On the heels of the news that Will Smith has been offered the starring role in Disney's upcoming Dumbo remake, it appears the movie is eyeing another A-lister for its villain.

Reports say that Tom Hanks has been offered the antagonist role for the upcoming, live-action flick. It's not clear what role Hanks would fill exactly, but likely he would play the Herman Bing, the circus' strict ringmaster who locks up Dumbo's mother when she loses her temper at a group of kids making fun of her baby. 

Recent Disney remakes have seen the likes of Angelina Jolie (as Maleficent) and Helena Bonham Carter (as the Queen of Hearts in Alice) transform some of Disney's most famous villains so we're anticipating big things to whoever gets the role.

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