January 17, 2017


Young Thug's 'Wyclef Jean' Video Is a Brilliant Disaster: Watch

It's ironic that Young Thug boasts about people playing with his money in Jeffrey stunner "Wyclef Jean," because that's exactly what he did for the failure of a music video with a $100K budget. Directors Pomp&Clout break down the rise and fall of the clip's creation, which Thugger never even bothered showing up for.

The outcome is actually a masterpiece that grabs your attention from the start, with co-director Ryan Staake detailing the storyline of how they organized the video girls, managed to destroy a police car while real cops watched and bringing Thug's vision of tiny cars to life.

Oh, there's also a nasty but well-played Requiem for a Dream reference and shots of the rapper enjoying a bag of Cheetos. “On my way home, I wondered if Young Thug would’ve liked the shoot we put together for him,” a title card reads at one point. Seriously, give the artist all of the awards because he just dropped the best video of the year.

While you try to wrap your head around that "Wyclef Jean" video, take it back to 2015 with this Lollapalooza interview where Young Thug talks his debut album Hy!£UN35: