February 6, 2017


Chance the Rapper Premieres 'Same Drugs' Video on Facebook Live: Watch

Chance the Rapper treated fans to the new video for "Same Drugs" today, one of the highlights from last spring's Coloring Book mixtape. But instead of popping it on YouTube, the artist decided to premiere it on Facebook Live. The snowy video, directed by Jake Schreier, opens with Lil Chano performing the tune on a piano. 

He's then joined by one of the puppets who accompanied him on the Magnificent Coloring World Tour, who sings Eryn Allen Kane’s guest feature. The video is glazed with a dreamy '80s telecast filter before Chance walks off the set and steps back into reality. Prior to its release, he asked fans on Twitter, "Does anyone have facebook live? I'm about to premier a new music video on there in 10 minutes ok? Ok."

He then confused everyone by saying the video will drop next week before clarifying with the following tweet: "I changed my mind Same Drugs video drops at 3:30 Chicago time today, thanks Facebook for letting me do that on such short notice." Apparently the rapper had some trouble with finding a streaming platform who would let him premiere it.

The "Same Drugs" video comes after “Angels,” “No Problem" and “How Great." Next up, watch Fuse's throwback chat with a baby Chance about growing up in Chicago: