February 8, 2017


Disney Shares Opening Dates for 'Avatar' and 'Star Wars' Lands

Disney Parks Via Getty Images
Disney Parks Via Getty Images

After more than five years of hype, Disney World has revealed it will open Pandora – The World of Avatar this May 27 at its Animal Kingdom park area. The announcement came from Disney CEO Bob Iger, who said, per Variety:

“This is a very big land with an extremely unique design and architecture because it does make you feel that you’re in Pandora, the great world [writer/director James Cameron] created. To the extent that we can know this, we really believe in coming years that the interest in Avatar is only going to grow.”

The Avatar land will include the rides Na’vi River Journey and Avatar Flight of Passage, plus a variety of thematic shops and eateries.

Disneyland's previously announceed Star Wars Land, meanwhile, will officially open in 2019; the park is spending $1 billion and expanding Hollywood Studios by 14 acres. Before then, a Guardians of the Galaxy ride will appear this summer, in tandem with Vol. 2's theatrical premiere.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is the No. 1 domestic box-office earner in history; Avatar is No. 2. The top 10 features three more Star Wars films, as well: Episodes I and IV as well as Rogue One. Worldwide, Avatar is by far the highest-earning movie ever with $2.8 billion. Cameron's Titanic is No. 2, Force Awakens is No. 3.

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