February 1, 2017


'Donkey Kong 64' Secret Coin Discovered 17 Years Later


More than 17 years later, folks are still rocking with Donkey Kong 64—and this one dude has discovered something humanity appears to have never seen. A Twitch gamer-streamer with 546 followers called Isotarge is a master of the DK64 speed run, and he managed to locate a 977th rainbow coin in a game thought to only have 976. 

Lots of previous time records "were invalidated because of this discovery,” Isotarge, real name Isaac Miell, tells Kotaku. “It’s one way to keep the community active. I’m looking forward to seeing speedrunners claim back those records”

The coin was discovered on Level 5, Fungi Forest. "There’s usually one per level," Kotaku writes. "The grass in Fungi Forest hid a previously undiscovered pile that can be slammed for one more rainbow coin."

The gaming blog also points out that an evasive Super Mario 64 coin was snatched in 2014 after 18 years on the market; last October, a likely impossible-to-collect coin was also discovered. This type of stuff has been going on, super awesomely, for years.

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