February 22, 2017


Watch The Rock Organize a Prison Boot Camp in New HBO Documentary Trailer

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson helps conduct a prison boot camp with prisoners in his new HBO documentary Rock and a Hard Place, whose trailer was released today. The clip shows the actor speaking with young felons at a Miami facility where he explains that he was once like them when he was their age.

38 male criminals will take part in the boot camp program for four months, which the trailer points out is an alternative to 20 years in prison. "Don't f-ck this thing up. I mean that," The Rock says to the recruits. "I know this boot camp program. I believe in it. And I want the world to see the importance of this program."

Look out for Rock and a Hard Place's HBO premiere on March 27. Along with the documentary, the actor is starring in the upcoming Baywatch remake (out on May 26). Ahead of both releases, watch Johnson, executive producer of Fuse's Clash of the Corps, have some down time with a few cast members in Hawaii: