February 21, 2017


Ed Sheeran Covers Little Mix's 'Touch': Watch the BBC Live Lounge Performance

Ed Sheeran stopped by BBC Live Lounge today to tackle Little Mix's latest single "Touch," which is lifted from their new album Glory Days. The U.K. star popped on his glasses to read the lyrics before giving the stellar pop tune an acoustic, more laidback spin. Along with being friends with the Little Mix ladies, he is also a huge fan.

“Can I say that the one concert I went to last year [was Little Mix]. I didn’t go to any gigs and I was in Milan and I’m a Little Mix fan girl. Who isn’t [a secret Little Mix fan]?" Sheeran exclaimed to BBC (via NME). "I rarely meet boys now who don’t like Little Mix, they just have hit upon hit, there’s not a song that comes out that I’m not like, ‘Oh, that’s gonna be in my head for a month now.’ They’re always on point.”

But their friendship goes way beyond the music. Back in 2015, Sheeran helped with the proposal between buddies Jesy Nelson of Little Mix and Rixton frontman Jake Roche, where he serenaded the couple as Roche popped the big question. How adorable!

Check out Sheeran's other BBC Live Lounge performances of his latest single "Shape of You" (from his forthcoming Divide album) and Multiply cut "Bloodstream" below:

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