February 16, 2017


Future Black History Month: Keke Palmer's Ascent to Becoming a Self-Actualized Superstar

Jenny Anderson/WireImage
Jenny Anderson/WireImage

Fuse is once again celebrating an extended Black History Month by looking at a variety of rising forces who are creating Future Black History before our eyes. Growing pains can plague even the most beloved child stars, but Keke Palmer is exemplifying a truly graceful and fierce transformation into a full-fledged superstar.

In her post-Nickelodeon career, Palmer has taken on a multitude of fascinating projects, attaching herself to productions and teams that celebrate diversity. As the smart and driven Zayday Williams on Fox's campy favorite Scream Queens, the 23-year-old portrays one of the few roles young people can look up to in a cast of hilariously rotten characters. The Palmer-led series is the latest major network production by Ryan Murphy, who, from Glee to American Horror Story, has always celebrated different types of people. Scream Queens in particular works to normalize disabilities, featuring deaf actress Whitney Meyer in Season 1 and performers with Marfan syndrome and Möbius syndrome in the second iteration.

While 2017 is still young, the headline that's marked our girl's year so far has been over a controversy where the starlet put Trey Songz on blast for filming her and using her likeness in his "Pick Up the Phone" video, allegedly without her permission. While the two found a solution and no one knows the full details, Palmer has since been adamantly clear about the importance of speaking up for oneself. A molestation survivor, Palmer has been extremely open in demanding her self-respect. That gets even deeper in her just-released book, I Don't Belong to You: Quiet the Noise and Find Your Voice

She definitely isn't a child star anymore, but you'd have to be crazy if you think Keke Palmer is going to end up throwing her adult life away. This is a woman who owns her truest self and will only get fiercer and louder as she grows older.

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