February 15, 2017


Report: Kesha Releases Emails Showing Dr. Luke Criticizing Her Weight

JB Lacroix/WireImage
JB Lacroix/WireImage

UPDATE (2/17): Dr. Luke's lawyer Christine Lepera has now responded to Kesha's email exchange claims. See the statement below.

"Kesha and her attorneys continue to mislead by refusing to disclose the larger record of evidence showing the bad faith of Kesha Sebert and her representatives which is greatly damaging to them.  It also shows the tremendous support that Dr. Luke provided Kesha regarding artistic and personal issues, including Kesha's own concerns over her weight.

Rather than agree to a thorough disclosure, Kesha and her representatives improperly publicized, without Court permission, three out-of-context emails which do not present the full picture regarding the events they concern.  For example, these emails do not show that the lyrics of "Crazy Kids" were, in fact, rewritten at Kesha's request.  Any claim by Kesha to the contrary is deceiving the public-just like her other meritless claims of wrongdoing by Dr. Luke.

Dr. Luke looks forward to full vindication in Court."

In the latest update on Kesha's legal battle with Dr. Luke, the singer and her team have reportedly released a series of emails in their continuous effort to officially cut ties with the producer. According to exchanges obtained from Page Six, it shows just how controlling Dr. Luke allegedly was when it came to Kesha's body image.

“Nobody was calling anybody out. We were having a discussion on how she can be more disciplined with her diet," he reportedly wrote on June 28, 2012 to Kesha’s manager Monica Cornia. "There have been many times we have all witnessed her breaking her diet plan. this perticular [sic] time it happened to be diet coke and turkey while on an all juice fast."

Cornia then writes that she's “a human and not a machine" and adds "if she were a machine that would be way cool and we could do whatever we want.” Here's another email note that will make you cringe with disgust: “A list songwriters and producers are reluctant to give Kesha their songs because of her weight."

Last year, the singer called out body shamers on Instagram. "Not a slave to perfection right now. fuck it. ***body shamers please fuck off ain't nobody got time for it. @lhorizonpalmsprings in my skivvies," she wrote underneath a bikini photo. She finally received good news in October, when New York court sided with her and ruled to keep her medical/personal records private. The singer is trying to focus on creating music in the midst of the frustrating lawsuit and has recorded 22 new songs under new label RCA.

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