February 10, 2017


Kevin Smith Announces 'Jay and Silent Bob Reboot,' A 'Silly-Ass Satire' With Big Stars

Dimension Films/ Miramax Films/Getty Images
Dimension Films/ Miramax Films/Getty Images

Movie writer/director/producer/actor/editor Kevin Smith has announced that a new Jay and Silent Bob movie is happening. The characters, portrayed by Smith (Silent Bob) and Jason Mewes (...Jay), debuted in Smith's first film, 1994's Clerks, and became a mainstay in all but one of Smith's movies. Their last flick was 2006's Clerks II. Now, after three horror movies and a contribution to a horror anthology, Smith is going back to his dudes.

On Instagram, he shared with his 966,000 followers the title page of a script, currently (and perhaps permanently) just called Jay and Silent Bob Reboot—although it's probably a straight-up sequel. He writes:

"I'm getting eager to play with my old toys again in the inter-connected View Askewniverse I spent the first half of my career creating. And so all last month, I had the time of my life laughing while writing 'Jay and Silent Bob Reboot' - a fun flick in which the Jersey boys have to go back to Hollywood to stop a brand new reboot of the old 'Bluntman & Chronic Movie' they hated so much. It's a tongue-in-cheek, silly-ass satire that pokes fun at the movie business's recent re-do obsession, featuring an all-star cast of cameos and familiar faces!"

Here's the full post, followed by a couple recent uploads that indicates his nostalgia mindset here in February 2017:

Smith said he's "already met with the good folks at Miramax and they're into it, so I'm hoping we'll be shooting in the summer." In the lengthy post, he also explained that Jay and Silent Bob were the go-to because he no longer owns the rights to Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy or Dogma. He added that putting together a Clerks III is a no-go ("one of our four leads opted out of the flick") and a Mallrats follow-up has turned into a TV series Smith is having trouble selling.

Lately Kevin Smith has been directing episodes of The CW's Supergirl and The Flash; America's No. 1 comic book fanboy/superhero universe dabbler calls the work, in the Jay and Silent Bob Reboot post, "such a slice of Heaven on Earth."

BTW: There's a Jay and Silent Bob Instagram account with 109,000 followers and more than 400 posts.

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