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The 17 Kinkiest Music Videos Ever

No safe word required for these sexy—and sometimes NSFW!—visuals.

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Madonna, "Erotica"

How could we not kick things off with the Queen of Pop's most titillating track?

Join us for the kinkiest music videos allowed on TV this Friday morning, Feb. 10 at 9:30/8:30c! No safe word required. Find Fuse in your area with our Channel Finder.

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Christina Aguilera, "Not Myself Tonight"

For Xtina, "Not Myself Tonight" meant turning into the BDSM-loving, XXXtina.

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Thirty Seconds to Mars, "Hurricane"

Jared Leto as Christian Grey? So here for it.

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Marilyn Manson, "s(AINT)"

The Prince of Darkness has had some majorly kinky videos through the years, but none are kinkier than 2003's "s(AINT)."

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Rihanna, "S&M"

Way before Fifty Shades of Grey made it a trend, Rihanna turned S&M into a hit song.

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The Weeknd, "Earned It"

One of the original singles from the Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack, The Weeknd knew how to bring the kinkiness.

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Lady Gaga, "Bad Romance"

There's loads of curiously kinky visuals in "Bad Romance." From the singer being forced into a bathtub to dancing for a group of bidding men, this iconic video is Gaga totally in her element.

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FKA Twigs, "Pendulum"

FKA Twigs kept in bondage by her...hair? Kinky, indeed.

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Fall Out Boy, "Young Volcanoes"

One of FOB's most unexpected visuals, watch the craziness that ensues when the guys are blindfolded...

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Nicki Minaj, "Only"

Nicki flips the script on your typical BDSM storyline and has the ladies in control while the boys are tied up.

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Queen, "Body Language"

The video is great for not only being totally sexy, but also for celebrating loads of different body types...way before it was trendy.

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Beyoncé, "Partition"

"Driver, roll up the partition please..." because Beyoncé is about to get all kinds of kinky in the backseat.

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Years & Years and Tove Lo, "Desire"

We applaud Kings & Kings for their inclusion of making everyone—regardless of age, gender, sexuality or body type—look sexy in this inclusive visual.

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Madonna, "Justify My Love"

Madonna's music videos are famous for stirring up controversy and "Justify My Love"—which saw the pop icon and her lover joined by a slew of leather-donning partners to dress them up in gender-bending outfits.

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The Weeknd, "Kiss Land"

"Kiss Land" sounds way too tame for what goes on in this early Weeknd video. We would probably name this "Stripper Land."

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Van Halen, "Hot for Teacher"

Everyone's favorite secret fantasy of falling in love with your super-hot teacher...brought to life by the guys of Van Halen.

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Nine Inch Nails, "Happiness in Slavery"

NIN always pushes the limits in their videos, but the storyline in "Happiness in Slavery" seeing a man both tortured and pleasured by a demented dentist’s chair is about as twisted as it gets. The video was almost universally banned by TV networks at the time.

Join us for the kinkiest music videos allowed on TV this Friday morning, Feb. 10 at 9:30/8:30c! No safe word required. Find Fuse in your area with our Channel Finder.

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