February 16, 2017


Linkin Park Drop New Single 'Heavy,' Share Album Title & Release Date

Brandon Cox
Brandon Cox

On May 19, just before the three-year mark since The Hunting PartyLinkin Park will drop One More Light, their seventh studio album. Hyping it up today is the new single "Heavy," featuring Kiiara and presented in mind-melting lyric video form.

Asked by Billboard about the song's surprising style, singer Mike Shinoda said Linkin Park fans "never know what [they're] going to get, and the style can change dramatically and different elements, different genres that we listen to might sit more in the forefront than others."

He also said "Heavy" is "really the core sound of the album." Listen to the Kiiara collab below:

Shinoda says the critical lyric in "Heavy" is "if I just let go I'd be set free." He explains:

"'Cause for us it is about the catharsis and that element of, 'No matter what's happening to me, how am I reacting to it? What's my responsibility to it?' So that's a lyric that was really important; I felt like when we added that, it kind of solidified the message of the song."

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