February 16, 2017


'Happy Being Miserable': New Found Glory Return With Puketastic New Video

New Found Glory are coming back on April 28 with Make Me Sick, their ninth album and first since October 2014's Resurrection. To hype it up, they're doing their best to make you queasy with the "Happy Being Miserable" video.

Watch above—with caution—as the dudes start out by reenacting a Stand By Me campfire scene, right down to Jordan being called Gordo. It's the part in the film that gives way to the tale of the pie eating contest turned vomitocalypse, and it very much plays out that way. At least until 2:45, when all the puke provides a more aesthetically pleasing finale, a blacklight jam sesh.

Guitarist Chad Gilbert recently told Alternative Press the album will feature "our most accountable lyrics and our most fun music." 

NFG have been sharing little images on social media alongside what are almost certainly song titles for Make Me Sick. We don't know what the actual tracklist will shake out to be, but the titles, in the order they were tweeted, are:

"Your Jokes Aren't Funny"
"Party On Apocalypse"
"Call Me Anti-Social"
"Happy Being Miserable"
"The Sound Of Two Voices"
"Blurred Vision"
"Say It Don't Spray It"
"Barbed Wire"
"Short and Sweet"
"The Cheapest Thrill"

Next, watch an old-school Fuse x New Found Glory interview: