February 10, 2017


Rosie O'Donnell Nails Steve Bannon's Look in New Twitter Avatar; Is 'SNL' Next?

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After Melissa McCarthy's surprise SNL visit last weekend to play new White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer—which reportedly enraged Donald Trump, as McCarthy is not a #man—is Rosie O'Donnell about to take on cabinet member with major power? The Emmy-winner, recent alum of The View and longtime leading Trump–opposer recently allowed on Twitter that she'd be "available" to play Chief Strategist Steve Bannon. "If called I will serve!!!" she wrote.

On Thursday, this became Trump's No. 1 celebrenemy's avatar, for all her 988,000 followers to enjoy alongside everyone who caught the RT's:

It's superimposed, but boy is it on point. Vanity Fair offers a tip for any potential live appearances: "O’Donnell’s smooth complexion doesn’t really match the Bannon features that were on such stark display on the cover of Time magazine last week," where he was dubbed "The Great Manipulator" and identified as potentially "the second most powerful man in the world":

Fortunately we only have to wait till tomorrow to see if Saturday Night Live indeed brings in O'Donnell; McCarthy's appearance last week was unannounced.

"How best to tweak Trump’s alleged discomfort with a woman impersonating his male spokesman? Send in more women," the Washington Post writes. Earlier in the week a "top Trump donor" told Politico of the SNL kerfuffle, "Trump doesn't like his people to look weak."

Alec Baldwin, of course, is SNL's resident Trump impersonator. Here's Melissa McCarthy's Sean Spicer sketch, which has been viewed 20.1 million times in five days:

Next, watch fellow thrasher Scott Ian of Anthrax tell Fuse in 2016 why he was positive that "the last thing [Trump] wants is to be president: