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Shaun White's Top 5 Must-See Artists for His 2017 Air + Style Festival

The legendary snowboarder dishes on Diplo's upcoming surprise and which hip-hop acts are set to own downtown Los Angeles' Expo Park

Jatnna Nuñez for Fuse

Next weekend, Shaun White will hold the third Los Angeles iteration of his Air + Style Festival that sees the legendary snowboarder combining bands and boarding for an awesome winter weekend.

Ahead of the Feb. 18 and 19 fest, White shared the Top 5 acts you should look out for when you hit Downtown LA's Expo Park. From a major teaser about what to expect from Major Lazer to the hip-hop acts he can't wait to see, check out Shaun's must-see artists and live performance footage to get you further hyped up. 

Stay tuned for all of Fuse's on-the-ground coverage from Shaun White's Air + Style Festival 2017. Tickets are still available

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Major Lazer

"Diplo came through and our played our event the very first we ever had it in the United States. he's a good friend and we're happy to have him back with Major Lazer. It's going to be spectacular. 

"I don't want to give a spoiler alert, but we had to set up the stage in a particular way because he's going to do something very exciting at the show."

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"Big fan of Flume. He has an awesome song with Vince Staples who's also playing—"Smoke and Retribution"—so I'm going to try to be front row for that."

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"My third pick for Air + Style would be YG—he's awesome, a nice guy. I took him snowboarding up in Big Bear, he had a good time and he was pretty good! He skateboards so already had a one-up on it. Snowboarding's not the same as skating at all, but him and his whole crowd were up there so they had a good time.

"He's just the man—his energy, his whole deal. I actually haven't seen him perform so I'm pumped to see."

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TV on the Radio

"A little mix of the rock and pop, but they've got such an amazing array of music. They have the older song, and the newer stuff, and I haven't seen them perform yet!"

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Vince Staples

"Last but not least, Vince Staples. Awesome guy, I had the pleasure of meeting him. He's from L.A., really nice kid, and he's also just the man. He's great. And I haven't seen him perform yet so you gotta see him this year at Air + Style too."

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