February 10, 2017


Shaun White's Top 5 Must-See Artists for His 2017 Air + Style Festival

Jatnna Nuñez for Fuse
Jatnna Nuñez for Fuse

Next weekend, Shaun White will hold the third Los Angeles iteration of his Air + Style Festival that sees the legendary snowboarder combining bands and boarding for an awesome winter weekend.

Ahead of the Feb. 18 and 19 fest, White shared the Top 5 acts you should look out for when you hit Downtown LA's Expo Park. From a major teaser about what to expect from Major Lazer to the hip-hop acts he can't wait to see, check out Shaun's must-see artists and live performance footage to get you further hyped up. 

Stay tuned for all of Fuse's on-the-ground coverage from Shaun White's Air + Style Festival 2017. Tickets are still available

#1Major Lazer

"Diplo came through and our played our event the very first we ever had it in the United States. he's a good friend and we're happy to have him back with Major Lazer. It's going to be spectacular. 

"I don't want to give a spoiler alert, but we had to set up the stage in a particular way because he's going to do something very exciting at the show."

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