February 17, 2017


'Fallon' Welcomes Steve Irwin's Amazing Son Robert & His Critters

When Steve Irwin died at age 44, he left behind his wife, Terri, and two children, Bindi and Robert. Bindi, now 18, has already headlined TV shows, and now the equally enthusiastic and knowledgable Robert, 13, has come to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

"My dad was actually on The Tonight Show quite awhile ago, so it's really nice to be able to follow in his footsteps," said Robert, who was just two and a half years old when his father was killed by a stingray barb in an underwater filming session in 2006. "It's just in my blood," he added. "My family and I—I've actually grown up at Australia Zoo. So I think I'm the luckiest kid on planet Earth."

Irwin then introduced Fallon to a screaming hairy armadillo (good god it's cute), a humongous red-tail boa constrictor and an African dwarf crocodile named Beetlejuice. To reward Fallon for his brave journey, Robert brought out an adorable little sloth, then a clingy full-size sloth which took a shine to the host.

BRB, setting up a Google alert for "Robert Irwin TV show" now.