February 6, 2017


Video Proof That 'The Simpsons' Predicted Lady Gaga's Super Bowl LI Halftime Show

Patrick Smith/Getty Images
Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Sunday night's Super Bowl LI halftime show was extremely on-brand for Lady Gaga: daring, explosive, innovative, colorful and L O U D. It was so Gaga-ish, in fact, The Simpsons predicted it ("Simpsons did it, Simpsons did it!") five years ago. 

On Season 23's "Lisa Goes Gaga," Mother Monster guest-starred as herself, one of her earliest screen credits. And she flew up in the air and sang above the town, much like she did at Houston's NRG Stadium on Sunday night. The Super Bowl was missing a cone bra spewing sparks, we'll admit.

Folks have also identified a Simpsons episode where a cowboy hat constellation was seen above a packed stadium—kinda like the amazing light-drone configurations Lady Gaga blessed our eyes and minds with last night.

That said, if you see this one, it's fake:

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