March 29, 2017


Universal Studios' New 'American Horror Story' Haunted House Gets a Trailer

Universal Studios is bringing American Horror Story back into the fold for its 27th Halloween Horror Nights experience. The new attraction will incorporate the most recent season, Roanoke, as well as Asylum and Coven. Last year's debut spotlighted Murder House, Freak Show and Hotel; Universal says guests rated it higher than any of the theme park's previous haunted houses.

Bloody Disgusting notes that Universal Orlando's Halloween Horror Nights will run for its longest stretch ever with 34 select nights starting Sept. 15 and wrapping Nov. 4. American Horror Story is touted as "the largest house this year, with the largest cast of deranged characters" and breaks down the "incredibly detailed" experience like this:

"In Asylum, guests will travel through the decades of the notorious Briarcliff—evading Dr. Arden’s grotesque human 'Rasper' experiments and coming face to 'face' with the serial killer, Bloody Face. In Coven, New Orleans aesthetics will surround guests as they’re drawn into the bloody rivalry between the descendants of the Salem witches, the voodoo Queen of New Orleans Marie Laveau, and the sadistic Madame Delphine LaLaurie. And finally, guests will relive the horrific story of the Millers in Roanoke—where they’ll be at the mercy of Piggy Man, the grisly Polk family and the ghosts of the blood moon."

Details about the American Horror Story experience at Universal Studios Hollywood are forthcoming, but the official site promises Halloween Horror Nights integrations including Krampus, The Purge, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Halloween, Freddy vs. Jason and The Walking Dead.

American Horror Story Season 7 is set for this fall; read our Complete Guide for info about the cast, plot and history.

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