March 9, 2017


Tour Disney World's New 'Avatar' Land With James Cameron & Whoopi Goldberg

Disney World's Avatar attraction is right around the corner, opening in the Animal Kingdom park on May 27. To give a national audience a better idea of what to expect, writer/director James Cameron took Whoopi Goldberg on a tour that aired on The View.

Not that it's a surprise, coming from the institution that has set the bar for theme parks for 45 years, but Pandora: The World of Avatar looks très dope. While we've known about the Na’vi River Journey and Flight of Passage rides (and they do take a voyage on the former), now we're getting to see what the area itself is actually like. (Themed eateries are also planned.)

"You just went 4.4 light years, you're on Pandora," a giddy Cameron tells Whoopi. "We have a mixture of, you know, Earth plants, and then we have the exotic Pandoran foliage that's sculpted by sculptors and so on," he says as they walk beneath the famous floating mountain range. "And it really gives the illusion that it's a real ecosystem."

The View clip isn't just a straight tour—Goldberg and the three-time Oscar winner behind Titanic and the original Terminator films also get into the actual world of the 2009 film and the four upcoming Avatar sequels. They even do a choreographed delivery of the important Na'vi phrase that means "I see you."

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