March 13, 2017


Migos Meets 'Beauty and the Beast' in 'Belle and Boujee' Parody Video: Watch

When we look back at the trends of 2017, Migos' chart-topping "Bad and Boujee" single and the live-action Beauty and the Beast movie look like prime candidates in defining this year. Now, a new video combines to the two to provide you with memes for months to come.

Take a look at a new parody video by Nerdist titled "Belle and Boujee," which offers a very different take on "Bad and Boujee" and our beloved Disney princess. One sees Belle referring to herself as "young rich and pretty" and dropping fire lines like, "Rain drop, drop top / Chilling with a clock and a teapot / Duckin' on Gaston cause he not hot."

No doubt, it'll be stuck in your head til Beauty and the Beast hits theaters this week on March 17. Then you'll have either the title song or one of the arrangements sung by Emma Watson on repeat.

Until then, get your Beauty and the Beast fix with this Besterday podcast episode where our hosts discuss the 25th anniversary of the Disney classic along with the upcoming reboot: