March 21, 2017


Bryan Cranston Gives 10-Minute Interview Dressed as Red Power Ranger

Bryan Cranston is as lovely as Walter White was dastardly. The latest Cranstonian artifact is a 10-minute Late Show with Stephen Colbert interview featuring the heavily awarded TV and film star, age 61, dressed as Power Rangers' Red Ranger. Because when you star in the big-screen franchise reboot as the non-corporeal Zordon, you get some butt-kicking FOMO.

Watch above as Cranston comes out in full Red Ranger regalia, loses the helmet after a minute, then remains in poofy, muscular costume for the rest of the 10-minute interview.

Cranston-heads have noted that he appeared in the original 1990s Power Rangers TV show and at the 5:15 mark, we get to watch him reminisce with a kooky old clip where he plays a snarling monster called Snizard. (It wasn't his only beastly baddie role on the show, either.)

"You always approach all your parts with tremendous dignity," Colbert posited. Cranston replied, "I've kept that as a promise to myself: once I get in, I'll approach everything I do from that dignified point of view. I don't want to do anything that'll embarrass me." 

Cue the corny early-Cranston commercials. Power Rangers is out on Friday, March 24.