March 23, 2017


Dave Chappelle Raps Drake Song, Impersonates Lil Wayne in New Netflix Comedy Specials

Lester Cohen
Lester Cohen

Dave Chappelle's first stand-up comedy specials (plural) in 13 years have premiered on Netflix, and of course the incredibly well-connected Chappelle's Show creator is still on point with his pop culture references. Today folks have spotlighted great Drake and Lil Wayne bits from each of the specials (via Pitchfork).

First off we've got Weezy, purveyor of countless vagina references in rap, as a detective uniquely qualified to ID some crime scene substances:

Next up there's a “Kevin Hart is the first comedian that a Drake song could be about" moment. Chappelle explains that the Nothing Was the Same track "All Me" (which actually features some Aziz Ansari stand-up) exactly fits the über-rich comedian-turn-blockbuster-guy's life. (Are we ignoring the fact Chappelle reportedly got $60 million from Netflix for these two specials and one more to come?) He goes on to rap some of both Drake and Big Sean's parts:

You can stream Dave Chappelle: The Age of Spin, filmed in L.A. in March 2016, and Dave Chappelle: Deep in the Heart of Texas, filmed at Austin City Limits in April 2015, on Netflix. You can also catch an episode of our digital miniseries The Drake Effect, this one detailing how Drizzy changed hip-hop and R&B radio culture, below: