March 20, 2017


The 35 Best Lyrics on Drake's 'More Life'

David Wolff - Patrick/Redferns
David Wolff - Patrick/Redferns

Drake's new album/playlist project dropped over the weekend, and at 22 tracks, the Views follow-up is full of gems. We've collected the 35 best More Life lyrics, all delivered by Drake unless noted otherwise.

1. From "Gyalchester":
I'm never washed, but I'm not new
I know I said Top 5, but I’m Top 2

2. From "Lose You":
You're mindful of it all when your mind full of it all
How they go from not wantin me at all
To wantin to see me lose it all?

3. From "Free Smoke":
How you let the kid fightin ghostwritin rumors turn you to a ghost?

4. From "Can't Have Everything":
Had you all since beginnin
Damn, I must be coachin, 'cause I'm not playin with em
Can you not see the difference?
I mean, I keep the fuckin lights on in the buildin
Man, my record deal should be 500 million, goddamn

5. From "Sacrifices":
I got Dubai plates in the California state

6. From "Ice Melts":
I still need some satisfaction
A little less talk and a little more action
I need you out in Jamaica relaxin

7. Kanye West on "Glow":
'Member doin shows, ain't nobody show up
Pour your heart out, ain't nobody show love
They used to laugh when my whip was on the tow truck
Till me and bein broke finally broke up

8. From "Free Smoke":
I drunk text J-Lo
Old number, so it bounce back

9. From "Madiba Riddim":
People change, I'm not surprised
Devil's working overtime
Voodoo spells put on my life
It won't work, they all have tried

10. From "Do Not Disturb":
More blessings because I'm generous
30-seater plane for like 10 of us

Young Money Entertainment/Cash Money Records
Young Money Entertainment/Cash Money Records

11. From "Lose You":
I wrote the book on world-class finesses
And tasteful gestures and makin efforts
And never placin second
And even better, knowin you're first but then takin second
Inspirin and never takin credit
I know I deserve more, I just never said it

12. Giggs on "KMT":
Whippin that white girl, cookin that Cersei
I was pushin that dark shit, pushin that charcoal
Now this is that big bad, this is Gustavo

13. Quavo on "Portland":
I got the keys to the streets
You got the key to defeat

14. From "Jorja Interlude":
I'm tired of all of these n---as
I'm tired of all of these hoes
Worried 'bout takin' my lane
They ain't even got on my road

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15. From "Gyalchester":
I don't take naps

16. From "Free Smoke":
Lot of n---as goin bad on me
Please, one at a time
I wanna move to Dubai
So I don't never have to kick it with none of you guys
I didn't listen to Hov on that old song
When he told me pay it no mind
I get more satisfaction outta goin at your head
And seein all of you die
And I seen a lot of you die

17. From "Can't Have Everything":
On a yacht, me and all the dogs actin like some dogs
We evolved, used to think vacation meant Niagara Falls

18. Travis Scott on "Portland":
Told my bitch, "Let's go snorkelin"

Getty Images
Getty Images

19. From "Glow":
Watch out for me, I'm about to glow
I just take the dreams I've been sold
And sell em for more, you already know

20. From "Lose You":
How you forget to fill up with gas on the road to riches?
Too overly ambitious, too late to fix it

21. From "Free Smoke":
I brought the game to its knees
I make too much these days to ever say "poor me"

22. Young Thug on "Sacrifices":
I got my mink off a monkey
I'm talkin monkey like Jumanji

23. From "Do Not Disturb":
7 a.m. in Germany, can't believe that they heard of me
Last verse that I gotta do is always like surgery
Always tryna let go of anything that'll burden me
That's the reason you can feel the tension and the urgency
Last chance I get to make sure that you take it personally
Take this shit to heart, it's always executed perfectly

24. Skepta on "Skepta Interlude":
I might switch it up and direct a movie
Pussyholes tried to execute me
Died and came back as Fela Kuti

25. From "Sacrifices":
40 got house on the lake
I ain't know we had a lake

26. From "Lose You":
Winnin is problematic
People like you more when you workin towards somethin
Not when you have it

27. From "Can't Have Everything":
Y'all fuckin hilarious
Y'all really think you n---as teamin up and scarin us
Y'all n---as is arrogant, y'all sleep at the Sheraton
All that shit embarrassin
Tell your big homie I'm all for goin there again
He ain't even die and I ball with his inheritance

28. From "Get It Together":
You need me to get that shit together
So we can get together

29. From "Madiba Riddim":
Anointed and protected, I was chosen
My heart is way too frozen to get broken

30. Skepta on "Skepta Interlude":
Check my account, it's a madness
Block that account, it's a catfish

31. Kanye West on "Glow":
No more 9 to 5, autopilot drive
Used to work the fries, now we supersize

32. Young Thug on "Sacrifices":
You come with beef, I eat the beat

33. From "Do Not Disturb":
I was an angry youth when I was writin Views
Saw a side of myself that I just never knew
I'll probably self-destruct if I ever lose, but I never do

34. From "Fake Love":
I've been down so long, it look like up to me
They look up to me
I got fake people showin fake love to me
Straight up to my face

35. From "Do Not Disturb":
My life is set around competition and currency
Takin summer off, 'cause they tell me I need recovery
Maybe gettin back to my regular life will humble me
I'll be back in 2018 to give you the summary

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