March 24, 2017


Benji Madden Reflects on Good Charlotte's 'Good Morning Revival' Turning 10

Sergio Dionisio/Getty Images
Sergio Dionisio/Getty Images

March 27 marks the 10-year anniversary of Good Charlotte's fourth studio album Good Morning Revival, a pivotal and curious record in the pop-punk outfit's discography but one much worth celebrating.

By most accounts, the LP would be considered a success by debuting in the Top 10 and landing two Top 40 hits—lead single "The River" plus the platinum-certified "Dance Floor Anthem (I Don't Want to Be in Love)." But the record would divide those in the scene for the band favoring pop over punk and wondering where the band's place was in a world where Fall Out Boy, Panic! at the Disco, Gym Class Heroes and My Chemical Romance had taken charge.

Fuse spoke to Benji Madden to reflect on Good Morning Revival for its 10-year anniversary. Read on below for his thoughts on that "rebellious" record and how the band felt like "outsiders" at the time:

"Man, Good Morning Revival was a special one for us. It was a real strange time in music. I think we were being a little bit rebellious, in a way, on how pop we made that record. We really were kind of rebelling against the scene. At the time, we were feeling a bit like outsiders. 

"That was an interesting time period in our lives, in our band and I'll always look back on it as a really tough time period. You know, a bunch of other new bands had come out and gotten really big and we definitely had felt like outsiders. We felt a bit like we'd been exiled. 

"That record was really special for us because as a band, we stuck together. You get those through tough periods, you come to the other side and no one even remembers. People always say, 'It must be great because you have never really have problems,' and it's like, 'Well, there have definitely been records where we thought no one really fucked with us.' And that record was one of those I'll always cherish because as a band we went our own way. I love that record, I feel like it's a great record. 

"It's funny because that's one of those records that's a true, hardcore, fan favorite. Like everywhere I go, somebody will say, 'You know which record I love? Good Morning Revival, I feel like that record was really special.' That always means a lot. It's crazy that it's 10 years already."

Keep the nostalgia flowing with a classic Fuse interview on former show The Sauce where the GC guys discussed how they'd changed while creating Good Morning Revival: