March 22, 2017


Watch Green Day & Weezer Rock Late Night TV's Pants Off


Second-generation legacy-rock acts Green Day and Weezer both took to American late night TV on Tuesday. Rock 'n' roll was rocked.

First off, Green Day did the reflective "Still Breathing," off last year's successful Revolution Radio album, which they'll take on the road this summer.

The gents of Weezer took to Jimmy Kimmel Live! with their new song "Feels Like Summer"; Rivers Cuomo dressed as a spiky yellow turtle that thinks it's the sun.

As a bonus to complement the brand new single, Weezer went way back with "Island in the Sun," also in line with the costume:

Kinda makes you wonder if the minds behind Kimmel! and Colbert were thinking the same thing: Chuck Berry just died, dammit—let's get some killer rock on the show. The theory strengthens when you look over to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and notice they had the guitar master Gary Clark Jr., a blues-rock-'n'-more legend who also might not be on your playlist (or headlining every festival ever) without Chuck Berry—and who's due to show up on Berry's first album in almost 40 years.

Also, Billie Joe Armstrong & Co. did eulogize Berry with a "Johnny B. Goode" cover on Sunday in London.

Throw it back to 2010 to hear Weezer talk about teaming up with Lil Weezy: